BRIGITA COLIC is a successful author and inspirational, motivational and educational writer and speaker, CBT Therapist and member of IANCP (The International Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching). She is the founder and editor of several blogs. Author of a number of articles on relationships, family relations, raising the quality of life, health and healthy life, lifestyle, feng shui, and many articles for children, and the author of the book serial based on philosophy “Intelligence and Love (Wisdom of Love and Wisdom of Life)” containing six individual books and one encyclopedic edition, “Love Is The Greatest Elixir of Life”, “Sexy Philosophy by Brigita”, “Seduce Me Gently…”, books “How to succeed and preserve your health”, “Towards the Sun”, “Learning About Emotions” and “Make  wish and achieve it!” dedicated to psychotherapy, personal growth and development, books “You Are Not Alone, God Is Always With You”, “Difficult Situations In Life Create Heroes”, “PTSD – Method of neuro-mental shift by digression by Brigita Colic” and “PTSD – Psychotherapy approach to people suffering from PTSD by Brigita Colic” dedicated to PTSD, the book “Jessica and her new beginning”, children’s books “The Adventure Of Four Little Clouds” and “Little bird Kitty learns how to fly” which is a part of a great humanitarian project and has been donated to publishing houses and organizations in Africa and India that are, like the author Brigita Colic, fighting for the right of every child to education and a happy childhood.

Her many talents include also being a designer, and a very accomplished artist, with her having a number of solo and group exhibitions.

It is also important to note that Brigita is the author of her own line of 3D art based on chromotherapy – Magic Flowers by Brigita. Magic flowers are specially dedicated for children, but also the child in each of us, who understand and feel how much LOVE is spread by the flowers and magical colors from them.

All of her works are radiating Love and optimism and entice to positive change in life.